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Funny Emails

Everybody gets heaps of junk mail these days, but occasionally I get a really funny one. Because these are worth sharing, I am putting some of them up on this site. Feel free to pass them on.

Terrorist Advice
This email was about a website regarding safty in a Terrorist Attack. It is hilarious!

Aircraft Gripe Sheet
This one is excellent! Its a list of complaints to ground crew of a major airline, and the responces from the ground crew - very very funny.

True Things People Have said in Court
This one is terribly funny - a must read.

Metaphors Found in NSW Year 12 English essays - this one really cracks me up.

In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods.

Military Logic
Very funny...

Some Zen thoughts to start your day
These are very cool.

Computery Industry vs Automotive Industry
This is pretty funny. I'd heard part of it before, but this is much longer and better.

Who ever said History was boring?
Wierd yet true - yet very wierd.

Stock Market Report
Somewhat slightly interesting...

Girlfriend 1.0 And Wife 1.0
Hints about upgrading from one version to the next.

Computers in Movies:
Observations about the computers you see in movies (slightly dated).

Comments people have put in their resumes:
Here's how NOT to write a good resume.

ABBOT and COSTELLO computer joke
This is almost painfull...

Eric Speak
This email was sent to me by Eric - and although it is all spelt wrong it is completely understandable. Check it out.

Prawn Joke
Amuzing - but lame at the same time.

Reasons why English is so hard to learn
Sent to me by my sister.

EuroEnglish - the official language of the European Union
Also sent to me by my sister.

Not bad..

What it says. Funny.

Lots of Quotes
This is a HEAP of stupid questions. Make good quotes and MSN names and things though.

Top 10 Reasons you are Star Wars Obsessed
Its funny, but I have done a lot of these

Reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek
As requested...

Reasons why Star Wars is better than Titanic
I thought it was obvious - but if you need reasons...

Recent events at Immigration office
This was from Klutz, and its not bad...

Weakest Link
How smart are you - test yourself.

This is an email complaining about all the stupid forwarded emails that people get.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Error Page
This was very popular for a while. It looks just like the IE error page, but READ IT!

Justice at it's best
Did he commit suicide or was he murdered?

Answering Machine
Transcript of the new voice mail service recently installed at the mental health institute

Only In America
More funny sayings.