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Subject: Fw: Top 10 Reasons Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

Top 10 Reasons the Star Wars Characters Would Kick Butt in the Star Trek Universe:

10. In the Star Wars universe, weapons rarely, if ever, are set on "stun."

9. The Enterprise needs a huge engine room with an anti-matter unit and a crew of twenty just to go into warp -- the Millennium Falcon does the same thing with R2-D2 and a Wookiee.

8. After resisting the Imperial torture droid and Darth Vader, Princess Leia still looked fresh and desirable. After pithy Cardassian starvation torture, Picard looked like hell.

7. Jabba the Hutt would eat Harry Mudd for trying to cut in on his action.

6. Luke Skywalker is not obsessed with sleeping with every alien he encounters.

5. One word: "light sabers".

4. The Federation would have to attempt to liberate any ship named Slave I.

3. Darth Vader could choke the entire Borg empire with one glance.

2. Picard pilots the Enterprise through an asteroid belt at one-quarter impulse power. Han Solo floors it.

1. The Death Star doesn't care if a world is class "M" or not.

And another top ten list from someone else

10: Two words: John Williams.

9: The guns used in Star Wars are real English Sterling machine guns and German Mausers...not dustbusters!

8: Ten Forward doesn't have a cool Bith band! (Heck--they couldn't even get Max Rebo to play there!)

7: Grand Admiral Thrawn could have defeated the Borg at Wolf 359!

6: Star Trek's bald captain--covered in cybernetics--was only the spokesmind for the Borg. Lando's bald right-hand man, with just a cool walkman on his head, had the entirety of Cloud City at his every command.

5: "Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith" sounds cooler than "Captain Jean-Luc Picard."

4: Imperial and rebel uniforms actually have POCKETS!

3: The Federation has ships named Voyager, Reliant, and Enterprise...the Empire has ships named Devastator, Avenger, and Executor!

2: Star Trek robots can not use contractions and have trouble with emotions. Star Wars robots can speak over 6 million forms of communication fluently and whistle to themselves just because they're in the mood too.

And the Number 1 Reason Why STAR WARS Is Better:

Captain Picard only cried like a baby in a vineyard after becoming evil and then returning to the forces of Good. Anakin Skywalker kicked the Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy's ass!

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