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The Viking Invasion of Church Camp...

Author: jawapro
Date: Mon 09/03/2009 10:23 PM


Well - I’m back!

The secret is out - that little helmet thing in the previous photos was not my costume for Church Camp. I was indeed going as a Viking - but a much better one. And I was telling no one...

That’s also a large part of the reason I’ve been so busy the last week. Tim’s been the mastermind behind the helmet, and I’ve spent a large amount of time at his place working on it - while trying to get everything else organized too.

Normally I wouldn’t bother - or at least not put much effort in - but I’ve wanted a Viking costume for a while now, so I went all out (as much as I can anyway).


Klutz went as a templar - and Bradley was another Viking. He used my latex helmet and shoulder pads. They didn’t look right on me - and besides, Vikings never actually had horns.

Now - as to my costume.
Mum is to thank for the cloak, the Geneva School Fair is to thank for the fur around the boots (slippers). I made the shield and the chainmail - and of course, Tim made the helmet.


Tim’s a brilliant sort of friend. When you are discussing helmets and things, he doesn’t just think about cardboard and paper mache - he goes and gets some steel and an oxy torch. Yep - the helmet is the real deal!


I helped somewhat.


But it’s defiantly Tim’s masterpiece.



It weighs a fair bit - but together with my shield and sword - it is actually serviceable. My shield isn’t terribly strong (mdf) and the sword is liable to shatter if you hit sometime hard enough - but the helmet is pretty much perfect. Ready to be worn into combat.

More on the sword in a later post.


Church camp itself was good - the talks were good and the time with friends was great - but it still sucks that it was on a long weekend.


And just to prove that we weren’t the only ones to get dressed up - here are a few more of the troops. There were adults too - but Turkey was taking the photos, and seems to have ignored them.


You can’t half tell that Clancy’s dad is a sign-writer. Check out that shield!

Anyway - that’s it for tonight. I’ll show you the sword in another post.

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Comment: 1

Author: DarthOblivion
Date: Tue 10/03/2009 05:54 PM

Cool! I like your costume - but Clancy's shield is definitely cool, and everyone elses' get-up is awesome too.



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Author: TheMaster
Date: Fri 05/04/2013 12:34 PM

Lol... why is this at the head of the news feed... it's old as life itself! Just kidding.
Nice suit. Clancy looks YOUNG.