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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Tafe to Uni)


I completed a Diploma of Software Development before going to uni. A lot of people have asked me if I think that was wise move, and so here is my answer.


A lot of people say TAFE is for dumb people who cant hack it at uni. But having done both, I think TAFE has very high standards. Perhaps not Essays and things, but you learn a lot there.

I did a 6month Programming Unit at TAFE, and even after a year and a half at uni, we still havent covered as much as we did at TAFE.

I did a cert 3 while I was still going to school, and then I did a cert 4 and Diploma full time at TAFE. So it took me 2 years after I left school.

When I went to uni, I got one years credit. So I only lost one year.

But I saved heaps. Uni is a LOT more expensive than TAFE.

And the units at TAFE in Launceston were fantastic. I've heard that Launceston has one of the best TAFE computing departments around. But they were great.

And I really enjoyed my time there. The units were great, the teachers were great, the other guys I met there were great (well, some of them were), and I actually looked forward to going to TAFE. Cant say the same thing about Uni.

But what I learnt at TAFE has stood me in really good stead for uni. So if you are thinking of going to uni, I'd definatly suggest you think about going to TAFE first. Not necessary do it, but at least think about it.