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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (PPS)

Name: Programming and Problem Solving.

Mark: Distinction (78)

Textbook: Bought it, but never read it.

PPS is a first year programming unit. It was all in Java. I had to do it even though I'd done programming at uni. On the whole, it was pretty borring. Wouldnt be if it was the first programming you'd ever done though.

We had two lecturers for this unit. Both knew their stuff. The first one had a very strong accent and was sometimes hard to underdstand. Took me about a whole lecture to work out that what we was talking about was "variables".
The second teacher was easy to understand, but was accused of being "up himself". I didnt mind him that much though.

The assignments werent too bad.

Assignment 1 was a Java Horroscope Program. It took input from the user and spat out some set responces.
Download Code - No cheating.

Assignment 2 was a Java Game. Just a simple text thing, where you were in a car and wanted to buy breakfast. So you could say "North" and the car would drive to the north square. All Text-based. And we had to write it using code supplied, so you didnt have a whole heap of freedom.
Download Code - No cheating.