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For Kyle’s new story.



            James stared through the scope of his sniper rifle. The man below prattled on oblivious. He never bothered looking up at the rooftop across to road. The group of bodyguards stood around seemed uninterested in their job. They seemed to believe nothing could hurt them. James was about to prove them wrong.

            He had been transported into the Communist future and found the one thing he’d never have expected - love. He had only spent a little while with Rachel before she had been kidnapped by the Secret Police. He had no idea how he could possibly get her back, but he was going to make the Reds pay. And as it happened, the local Premier was touring the area.

            When Communism had expanded so rapidly, it became apparent that a single Premier was inefficient, so there was now an Elite-Premier as supreme ruler, and a Premier for every major division of the new USSR.

            And it was one of those division Premiers that was giving a speech below James. The one with a cross-hair trained on his fore-head.

            James smiled grimly. The Reds may have ruined his life, but he was about to make them pay. He pulled the trigger.

            No one heard the shot because of the ultra-efficient silencer. The man simply paused in his speech and fell slowly to the ground, a red stain covering his face. For the first few seconds no one moved. Suddenly the body-guards realised what had happened. Their eyes darted around looking for the assassin.

            James could probably have gotten away undetected if he’d left then, but he couldn’t resist. He shot one of the guards as well.

            As one of their men dropped heavily to the ground, the rest of the body guards finally realised where the shots were coming from. Some of them opened fire from their positions and the rest charged toward the building, intent on getting to the roof and flushing the assassin out.

            By the time they got there, James had already left. He half climbed, half fell down a fire escape at the rear of the building. The rifle was strapped to his back and he gripped the Uzi tight. He knew the Reds would be on his trail.

            He was right. He reached the last section of stairs and jumped. He hit the ground and his legs collapsed under the shock. He rolled toward the alleyway, struggling to get up. He got to his feet and reached the cover of the alley just as gunfire erupted from the rooftop.

            He reached the end of the alley just the Reds appeared the way he had come. He fired blindly back with the Uzi, not knowing if he hit anything or not.

            He emerged onto a street. Like most streets in this Commie state, there was almost no traffic. In the distance he could hear sirens as more Red troops approached.

            He turned and fired at the pursuing guards again. He didn’t notice the door to the stationary van slide open. He didn’t notice the man climb out.

            He did notice when the man gripped him in his powerful arms and pulled him into the van. As soon as he was inside, the big man grabbed James’ Uzi and the rifle. He thumped the wall between them and the driver. The engine started up and James felt them moving.

            James was in too much shock to do much of anything, and besides, it seemed like the man was helping him to escape.




            Premier Kyle Nardinia stared down at the crumpled man lying on the ground. It had been a decoy. A body guard trained to act and speak like the real Premier, Kyle. Everyone knew that the Premier wouldn’t be stupid enough to be that obvious. He had been disguised as one of the guards, and had still almost been shot. The guard next to him had taken the second bullet.

            Kyle breathed a Communist curse under his breath. He’d find whoever had done this. He’d find him and make him pay.




            All the windows in the van were covered, so James had no idea where they were going. He’d heard gunfire at one stage, but apart from that, he had no idea what had happened.

The big man who had rescued or kidnapped him, he wasn’t sure which, hadn’t spoken a word. He had the kind of face that seemed to smile most of the time. He wasn’t really the sort of person you’d expect to find as a soldier.

The Van slowed down and then stopped. The rescuer/kidnapper opened the door and gestured for James to get out. James complied.

Outside he found himself in a deserted street in a lonely part of town. The driver of the Van appeared too. He was a smaller, probably younger version of the first man.

The two men descended a flight of steps between to buildings to a basement doorway and indicated that James was to follow them. They unlocked the door and entered what appeared to be a normal basement. The younger of the two men opened a hidden doorway set into one of the walls. The three of them entered.

James found himself in a dark little room. The younger of the two men shut the door and the last of the light vanished. James blinked in surprise as a dim reddish light flickered on above a small table. Behind the table sat a woman.

“Welcome to the rebellion,” she said.




Conrad was walking down the road and fell into a manhole, but that has nothing to do with our story.




“Commander Basil! Are you clear on your orders?” Premier Kyle asked the detective.

“Yes sir! My team is to track down the assassin and to report back to you!”

“Are you able to do this?” Kyle asked.

‘Hey!” said one of Basil’s troopers, “I’m Abel, not him.”

“Shut up!” said Basil, “Yes, we are able.”

“Well, I am at least,” Abel said.




Conrad wasn’t hurt, but he couldn’t get out of the manhole, but that’s not part of our story either.




“I hear you tried to shoot the Premier today?” the lady behind the table asked James.

“Wasn’t me!” said the older man who’d brought him in.

The woman glared at him.

“He’s a real little blessing, isn’t he?” the woman commented. “So, did you kill the Premier?”

“Yes!” James said.

“No, he didn’t!” interjected the younger of the two men.

“Agent Yahoo, you are supposed to be on guard outside!” the woman told the younger man who promptly left.

“The man you killed was not the premier. It was his decoy.” Explained the woman.

James muttered something that the woman had not heard in years, but had once been popular on a Toyota ad.

James sighed. He’d thought it had been too easy. Now he’d have to try again. He absently minded reached into his pocket and brought out the last of the chocolate bars he’d had when he’d time-travelled.

The eyes of the woman and the older man grew wide. “Chocolate?” the woman asked.

“Huh?… yeah.” James said.

The woman couldn’t believe it. Chocolate had been outlawed since the Communist takeover. She hadn’t seen any in years.

“Share the love?” she asked.




Basil and Abel were walking down the street when they saw an open manhole. They were slightly surprised when they heard a voice coming from it. There was someone down there.

“Do you need any help?” asked Abel.

“Not much,” replied Conrad.

The two detectives shrugged and kept on walking.

But this was not important to the story.




Now hurry up and write your story Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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