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The A - Z of Me

A is for Anxiety, which I suffer from a lot.
B is for boredom, which I have little time for.
C is for c***, of which I am full.
D is for drunk, which I have never been.
E is for energetic, which aint me at all.
F is for forgetfull, if I remember correctly.
G is for gulliable, which I have been told I am.
H is for hungry, which is why I'm so fat.
I is for indecisive, or at least I think it is.
J is for jealous, of the guys that have girls.
K is for klever, bust alas, I cant spell.
L is for lonely, which I am but dont mind.
M is for Moron, which I admit to being.
N is for nervous - that describes me quite often.
O is for obnoxious which people all call me.
P is for pessimistic, which is my outlook on things.
Q is for quiet, I'm shy and retiring.
R is for Robert, which so happens is my name.
S is for strong, which I am fairly well.
T is for trustworthy, which I consider myself.
U is for unnoticed, which is when I am happiest.
V is for vain - which just aint me at all.
W is for wary, which I am of all things new.
X is for xenophobic- I hate those alien scum.
Y is for you, who is reading this poem.
Z is for zero, cause I sure aint no one's hero.

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