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LAN in the shed

Author: jawapro
Date: Sat 21/06/2014 06:18 PM


Some of my friends were desperate for a LAN and had a couple of days off, so they asked if they could borrow my shed.

So for the last few days, my shed has been even geekier (and messier) than normal.

It was good fun, even if I only joined them in the evenings (I still had to work).

And because no one really thought things through and brought extra tables, I had to deploy my old table legs with a number of short MDF pieces as a tabletop. Not the steadiest looking table, but it worked fine - and apparently the odd shaped sections were good store plates on…


Also - note the laptop on cups - that was apparently to help with airflow.

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Comment: 1

Author: LittleSis
Date: Sun 22/06/2014 09:25 PM

So, thats why you built a shed. And here's me thinking it was to work on cars...