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Graphics Assignment

Author: jawapro
Date: Tue 05/09/2006 06:42 PM


Here come the Daleks....

Finally gotten them to a stage that I´m happy with.

You can see the improvement from the last image I posted (I hope).

Not too bad - but not as good as I wanted - but even this much took AGES.

Now I still have to do one more object - I have to decide what this one will be.

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Author: headless_moron
Date: Tue 05/09/2006 10:32 PM




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Author: singha
Date: Wed 06/09/2006 03:32 AM

Mush better improvement from the last one, tell me are you coding or you using an interactive helper application,, if you are coding then you r a champ otherwise well thats just not on for honourary role member. "People of bangaladesh dont like pretenders. and dont swin with stingrays"



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Author: jawapro
Date: Wed 06/09/2006 03:51 AM

C++ code mate. I DID mention that in the previous post - but ah well. No helper programs, although a lot of the code was provided. But the Daleks were coded by me - point by point. Well - not quite point by point - some of the time I was able to cheat and use shapes like cylinders (which I also programed) but pretty much all code.