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Maelstrom Fansite

Author: jawapro
Date: Thu 20/07/2006 06:42 PM


Well - after years of saying I´d do it, I finally have.

I have made a fansite for Maelstrom - my favorite computer game ever.

Check it out at www.jawapro.com/maelstrom. It might not look all that impressive, but the style of the website suits the game.

And even though the graphics of the game are really dated now, the game is still simply awesome and a heap of fun to play.

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Comment: 1

Author: omnimors
Date: Sat 28/04/2007 03:01 PM

I love the site. You did a great job of getting all the info up. It´s good to find other fans of such an old game. Be well, Mors