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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (SP)

Name: Software Process.

Mark: Credit (67)

Textbook: Didnt buy it - didnt need it.

More Java Programming. More boring lectures. Some of this unit was more interesting than others. The coding was ok, but some of the design stuff still dosnt make sense to ANYONE who did the unit. Its a core unit, so you cant get away without doing it. Not too hard - but not easy either.

Assignment 1 was some strange ADT thingh. Stands for Advanced Data Type or something, and no one understood it. But I passed it.

Assignment 2 was a programming assignment. We were given partial code for a game of CONNECT-FOUR and had to fill in the empty spots in some of the functions.
You can download the code, or a document I made with screenshots to prove that it actually works. The document has my normal sort of wierd humor in it.

Download Connect4 Championship Document - No cheating.
Download Code - No cheating.