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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Networks)

Name: Computer Networks.

Mark: Distinction (75)

Textbook: Didnt need.

Ever hear of Cisco? Well, this unit covers the Certificate 1 and 2 from Cisco's Networking Academy courses. Very good, very interesting, and not too difficult.

The first two assignments were straight from the Cisco Academy's online courses. Multiple choice quizes. Hard to get completely right, but not too difficult to pass. Treated like a minor exam.

The third assignment was a practical test, where you had to assemble a network using multiple routers (5 I think), set them up on differnt IP ranges, set up PCs for each router, and have them all talk to each other - and it's TIMED. You need a team that's fairly good at this. After a few dyslexic episodes in our tests, we did a really good job in the test and came out with perfect marks for it.