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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Mobiq)

Name: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing.

Mark: Distinction (74)

Textbook: Not bought, Not required

The return of Dan Rolf. Dan previous lectured in the Networking unit - and I liked him as a lecturer. I had two units I 'had' to do this semester - and I WANTED to do graphics - so I had one left to choose. The choice came down to Mobiq or an advanced AI unit. To be honest - the AI one appealed to me more - but I liked Dan as a lecturer - so I decided to do Mobiq.

By the way - Ubiquitous means that the technology disapears. Not as in cloaking - but as in you dont notice it anymore.

Some of the unit was interesting - talking about wearable computers and things - but most of the unit was about mobile phones and how they work and things. Lots of numbers, and frequencies and things. Not really my cup of tea at all.

There was a mid semester test (which I didnt do very well one) and a programming assignment. Fourtuantly the programming assingment was tiny - which is good because with Software Dev, Project, and Graphics - I only had 2 days to devote to this assignment.

It only took about 3 hours worth of coding time to do the assignment, but many many many more because of the dodgey tools.

Ok - the assignment was to write a game of rock-paper-sissors between two mobile phones. But to do this you had to use Eclipse (shudder) and a Nokia toolset. And to test the code, you had to wait 5 minutes for the Nokia emulator to load - and then another 5 for the second emulator. And no, you couldnt load them both at once - it'd crash. So I had a DVD at uni that I watched while I waited for the stupid thing to load. But eventually I got it finished and decent marks.


My code is here: (Rock Paper Sissors code). You'll need Eclipse and the Nokia emulators to run it though - and DONT ask for any help there. I'd just as soon ram a pen up my nose than deal with that again.