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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (graphics)

Name: Computer Graphics and Animation.

Mark: High Distinction (80)

Textbook: Bought, didnt read, sold again...

This unit has the reputation of having the toughest assignment in the whole of computing.

And you know what - it deserves it too.

It was also the single most enjoyable unit I took at uni. It was soo much fun I cant really explain it.

The unit was about the theory of computer graphics, and the assignments were writing a short animation. We wrote it in C code - but a large portion of the code was provided for us - so we werent doing it quite from scratch.

The first assignment was to produce some models that we could use in the second assignment, which was the actual animation.

I put days and days of work into my animation - which is 60 seconds long (the assignment had to be between 30 and 60 seconds). I titled it 'The Defense of Rimble' and you can see it, along with some of my friend's at my graphics gallery.

Check out my friend's assignment from a previous year over at http://hmmurray.blogspot.com/.