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The House On Maple Street


Inspired by the painting by Haris Burdick

The secret operation was a go and it was a perfect lift off. All of the spells had worked. He had finally had a perfect flying house. So we flew it into the land and landed it in Maple Street. For thousand of years the house has remained - no buliding records or people.

So a guy named Timothy set out to find a answer for what was so stange about this house. Were the rumours just rumours? That every week or so it lifted off then lightly came down into place at midnight. Timothy had quite a job ahead of him, he did not know how hard it would be to find witnesses for the house on Maple Street.

A few years later Timothy found what he was looking for - a witness willing to tell him when the lift off was. Now Timothy was a adveturous man, so these two men stared, then one said 'look behind you'! Then Timothy saw it - a house taking off so gracefully - and he said 'I wanna be in that thing when it takes off and find out how to operate it'.

The next week he found what he was looking for. He broke out in a sweat and said 'Phew - that was hard'. This was because he was stuck in a labyrinth. This house was more than your average house that just flies - it was full of traps so that the creator would never lose his secret. Yes, timothy had found a contol room with a count down timer. He said "Well at least I know how long till lift off".

The control center had a simulator so he went in it for a hour or two to familiarize himself with the controls, then began the countdown and so it happens again exept in reverse.... He finds himself ready and strapped in ready for take off. The countdown had 10 seconds left on it then BOOOM!! He had lift off at midnight. It was a perfect lift off, the same as years ago. He traveled to a far away land and met some strange people who did not like having him around. He got locked up in a dungon and got fed cockroaches for the rest of his life. The house just returned to the same place as usual at midnight. Yes, this house was with a curse for eternity.

Timothy was never seen again know one know what happend to him except for me, as I am a great friend of the strange people and I go in this house when it takes off quite often. I some times see Timothy - poor guy - but I dont say anything for if I say anything like a complaint I will get a punishment worse than Timothy - an eternity strapped to a Gona tree (a tree that makes you old quickly if you touch it and slowly over a eternity rots you away to nothing). So some day this story will hapeen again - I may not be the person to see it but my great great grandchildren will as I am of a breed who lives for ten thousand years. And so it will hapen again.

Let this be a lesson - don't go in the house on Maple Street - DONT!!

Boris is a sort of friend of mine - and asked me to put this story on my site. So I have. It's pretty bizaar - but I did warn you.

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