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Kyle and the Communists

An interview with Kyle Basset about his upcoming book.


So, Mr. Kyle Basset, what is your upcoming book going to be called?

It doesnít really have a name yet.


Whatís it about, where is it set?

In the future, 2056, where communistic leaders from Russia control the world.


Whoís the hero?

James is the hero, although not in the way youíd expect.


Who else is in the story?

James is the main character, but Jesse, Rachel, Andrew, and Whitney all play major roles.


What role does Rachel play?

She falls in love with James, and James falls in love with her,


Do they end up together, or do they die?

Iím not sure yet, but itíll be romantic.


When do you expect to finish this story?

Fairly soon Ė 10 or 15 pages to go Ė still got to write the military revolution and common people revolution. Eric will die Ė thatíll be nice.

HaÖHaÖ.HaÖ Donít worry, Iím just laughing at the way Eric might die.


So will James appreciate this story?

Heíll kill me! I may as well be dead.

Hang on; I donít think James is able to hurt anyone. Heíll appreciate being the hero though.


So, Kyle, what will Ericís role be like?

Enrik (Eric) is the evil dictator who rules the world with his iron fist. He is cruel, mean, senseless, and intelligently wicked. Heíll fall in love with Amy whoíll betray him and send his secrets away to a military fella planning a coup. The secret gets intercepted by the REVOLUTION.


Cool! Who leads this revolution?

A guy called El Lider (Spanish for Leader) only because I canít think of anyone else to do it. Suggestions needed. James, cause of his military training, becomes the Revolutionís most trusted hitman-fighter-mission dude.


Sounds awesome. So, tell me, are the people true Communists or were they forced into accepting it?

Nah, in 2002 Russia overran the world and forced communism onto the world so badly that in 49 years all but the Revolution knew no other way to live.


Youíll have to forgive me, but Iíve got Jurassic Park on the brain. Will there be any dinosaurs in the story?

Dinosaurs? In 2056? Well, if you wantÖ When Enrik gets assassinated he could be checking out a park where they reverse-engineer dinosaurs and dodos and stuff, if you want.


Thanks for that. So do you plan to make James get back to the present, or does he stay in the future?

Stay in the future of course, if he lives. He canít go back to his old life as the war in 2007 cut him down in his prime, and he has found true love in the future as well (if she survives).


Are you brave enough to put Aroha in the story?

What does it have to do with bravery? Aroha and I get on sorta good considering, and why discriminate against her? Sheís a preacher at an illegal weapons dealership situated in a bar. Sheís the only person in 2057 who has heard of religion.


Does Tim Fry or the Woolfes feature in the story?

Tim, Iím trying to find him a nice annoying role. Woolfes, theyíre in it, but not as characters, their names just get mentioned.


Is Andrew (Basil) still going to be a Commie Cop?

Nah, heís a revolutionary car driver, like a chauffer. He is friends (nothing more) with Tilda. Daniel Whiteroad is a Revolutionary turned traitor. Jesse Ewings from my old school is a Commie Cop who turns good and is then a double agent.


So, do you have a role? And if so, what is it?

Me, no role. It would ruin the story; make it so sad if I died. You, your role? Not sure yet, itíll have something to do with the scene Aroha is in at the weapons place. Mind if youíre married to Jo? Do you think James should die?


Hey! Iím supposed to be the one asking questions here. What do you mean the scene at the weapons place?

There are worse people that you could put me with than Jo, so itís not too bad.

Should James die? That depends. If you want a happy ending, kill him. If you want to be cruel, kill Rachel, but keep James alive, heartbroken. Or you could be really cruel and keep them alive together.

Iím allowed to ask a question when I want!

Oh, go to get some decent guns and there are all those people there, itís then they discover who the traitor is (Daniel).

James died; cruel on Rachel.

Rachel died; cruel on James.

They both die; nice and happy.

They both live; the future has to put up with their children, which would be funny for a sequel.


I agree. Are you still planning to do that think using Justin and Kelly on the Titanic?

NO! Kellie doesnít deserve Justin. I gotta find something worse for her. Justin has a real short role, Kellieís the same, but I donít think Kellie likes him no more.


What a pity. That would have been fun. So are there any robots or spaceships or anything like that in the future?

No surprisingly as not as much as youíd expect, at least not in common use. James is firstly shocked by the lack of progress in 50 years, but as you can imagine, dictators donít like progress, unless itís military. Even so that computers are a rarity because of the poverty.


No computers! What a horrible future! Kill the Commies!!!!

Is it going to be complete Communism or can people still own things?

Yeah, people still own things, not much but. All food is brought by foodslips, most people can only afford bread and stuff like that. Jenna gets into a scam over stolen foodslips (enough to buy a piece of steak and some whisky) and gets executed (hehe).

Youíll work on a computer, but there just arenít many. The people donít like the police/military, by the way.


Thanks about the computer. So Jenna is in the story too? Let me guess, James is going to have a thing for her too? He loves Rachel, but has a crush on Jenna or something? Heíd like that.

No, heíd hate that. Jenna and James donít meet.


Well, I guess that about wraps it up, thanks for your time.

Cool, well thatís us out of here, bye.


Interviewed by Robert Kingston

*By passing a notebook back and forth during class.

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