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Position Vacant

My mind must be lazy
or perhaps on a budget
or maybe the director's just slack
but whenever I dream,v I reuse the same sets.

By sets I mean places,
and locations and such.
There seems to be a limited number
that my mind's art department can invent,
so it uses them over and over again.

Most of the time,
They're a warped version
of real places I've been.
But night after night,
I keep comming back.

These places dont exist,
but I could describe them in full,
Because I've been there so many times.
It's sort of comforting,
but I'm getting tired of it.

So I'll put up a sign,
New Director Required!
And a new Set Designer as well.
But I guess no one will respond;
Who'd want to work in my head?

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