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The Evil Thing

I知 the evilest thing ever invented,
Though some think I知 the best.
I interrupt people all the time,
In fact, I知 a downright pest.

I might get you kicked out of class if I yell,
But most people take me with them anyhow.
At the cinema I値l make people hate you,
Throw things, and call you a cow.

Driving along, you can talk to your car
And you can talk to your mate,
But you can稚 talk to me
Or you値l get caught 創 run late.

Sometimes I値l shout and surprise you,
Other time痴 I値l just grumble till you notice me.
I知 your most constant companion,
But talking to me ain稚 free.

I am truly evil, I admit to the fact, but
You probably couldn稚 live without me.
I know this to be true, just leave
Me behind one day and you値l see.

You値l miss me all day,
Wondering what I might have said,
Possibilities of good and bad news
Going round and round in your head.

I知 a fantastic friend sometimes,
I could even save your life.
But more often I値l just remind you
To pick up some bread for your wife.

I知 the most evil thing ever invented.

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